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Is it possible to have repeated bouts of whooping cough?

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I've been sick three times in the last six months with what seems to be whooping cough. Each bout has lasted WEEKS and WEEKS. I get severe coughing that sounds (and feels) like throwing up, and I just gasp and gasp for breath. After coughing, I'm completely worn out. I've lost my appetite. There are other cold symptoms -- some fever, some runny nose -- but they're not as severe as this horrible cough.


Someone mentioned the possibility of whooping cough to me yesterday, and I looked it up. I have every symptom! But I can't figure out whether it's possible to keep getting whooping cough. Isn't it supposed to be one of those illnesses that gives you immunity afterwards?

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from the web:


Third stage (Convalescent stage): may last for months


* During this stage symptoms subside, though subsequent respiratory infections, even months after the initial whooping cough infection, can cause a recurrence of the coughing spasms.


You are still in the third stage, it sounds like. Sorry.:(

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Once out of your system, I don't think you can get it again. I feel sorry for you--I've had it and it is NO FUN.


I ate raw onion sandwiches and tons of those little green onions while I had whooping cough. It worked better than the meds to keep my cough under control. You can also try raw garlic. The essential oils of garlic and onion deposit themselves in your lungs and act to sooth them. However, I do suggest you talk to the doctor and get some prescription cough meds. Some of them worked better than others for me. It is hard on your lungs to be coughing that hard--even if they were not already compromised.


I have bronchitis right now. I'm feeling lousy--it feels like my lungs are made of lead. I'd take this over whooping cough any day, though.


In the future, do take care of your lungs. It might make the difference that you need to get rid of this for good. Make sure your house is kept warm enough--could air is hard on them. Fortunately, I have a wood stove to keep me warm, but if you need to run the furnace a bit warmer and you can afford it, do so. Run a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom at night. (The water particles in a cool mist are larger than warm mist and do more good for your respiratory system.) Put a pan of water on the stove during the day (or use an open crock pot at night in your room) and put a few drops of eucalyptus oil into it. Euc acts like a mild antibiotic. Be sure to cover your mouth and breath through your nose if you are outside in the cold. Avoid being outside in the cold for longer periods of time as much as you can. Get plenty of rest. Drink, drink, drink. (Um water--not the other stuff. LOL!) Wrap up in a blanket and cover up your nose if you can't keep the house warm enough--or put on a hat. Stick your feet in hot water....something to keep your body cuddly warm.


Get well soon!!

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