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House Hunter conclusion....(dramatic voice re-introducing options)

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Did they choose house #1....new expensive brick, #2.....inexpensive home that needs new siding and windows, #3 furnished apartment that would be cramped, or #4 mooch off others and travel the country??


Well, will the 5 people who said we should visit, please identify themselves! :D


Just teasing. We put in a very low offer on the brick home and asked that he throw in a privacy fence. He accepted our offer but w/o the fence. So, hopefully in 2 1/2 weeks, I will have a place to call home. :)


Thanks for the poll yesterday. It was kinda fun. I did find it interesting how the poll really reflected our own vascillating opinions. All the comments, pros and cons, were pretty much mirroring our own discussions. We have never owned a new house. For some reason we always go for the old fix-r-upper. It is kinda exciting to think about moving into a house w/o a huge list of immediate to-dos.

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