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"Best" Online Writing Class--Athena's Academy, Bravewriter, etc?

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I have a 7th grade boy who doesn't enjoy writing. His grammar is solid, but his sentence structures tend to be simplistic. He doesn't enjoy adding details or descriptive writing! We haven't even delved into research writing yet. We've tried a couple of writing programs including Write Shop but I don't feel like I can appropriately evaluate his writing and I don't think he responds well to my evaluations. He also doesn't enjoy writing a paragraph on something random and does much better with an assignment that goes with his literature or his history studies.


I need an online class. I looked at Bravewriter. I think it's a good option. I don't really like the Writer's Jungle (I don't want to do the class!) but some of the others look good.


Athena's Academy also has a new 8 week writing program that looks interesting.


Ideally I'm looking for a shorter session--not a full semester class.


Any thoughts on either of those classes or other suggestions?

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My ds13 is doing writing with home2teach. It has a once a week group lesson and then assignments that are independently sent in and graded by the instructor. The classes are six weeks long. I like it because it is a short commitment.


I looked at these earlier today. What level is your son doing?

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I looked at these earlier today. What level is your son doing?

Currently he is in fundamentals 2. He will be moving on to descriptive writing for the next session.


He started in fundamentals 1. He learned about mla formatting and some basic things about how to write a paragraph in that class. This one has more complex sentences and grammar stuff like semicolons and when and how to use them. He is actually a pretty good writer but has issues writing to prompts that he didn’t get to choose. This provides him with a good balance of challenging but not overwhelming.


On Monday we go over the lesson. On Tuesday he does the online class. Wednesday is vocabulary sentences. Thursday is the paragraph of the week. Friday is edits of the Thursday paragraph and journal entries. He spends about an hour on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. And more like half an hour on Monday, and Wednesday.


I hope that helps.

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