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How can I fax from my computer? For free?


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I use FaxZero.com to send  Faxes, Free, to Fax numbers in the USA.  I think you can also send them, Free, to Canada, but I'm not sure about that.  On the Free faxes, They put their logo on the "Cover" page, which you fill out before you send the FAX. Then, you can attach a .docx or .pdf file to be sent. For free, they will send up to 3 pages, plus the cover sheet.  I know the faxes arrive OK.


Recently, I tried to send a FAX to Costa Rica via FaxZero.com, which was $1.99.  It didn't go through and they refunded $1.79 to my PayPal account.


We have had stand alone FAX machines in the past, and had a separate phone line for FAX and Dial Up Internet years ago.  I believe sending with FaxZero.com or another company, the recipient will receive a much better copy (no loss of quality involved because you are not scanning paper into a FAX machine) and that it is more secure.


Once I tried to send a FAX to a number with FaxZero.com to a U.S. number and it didn't go through and I did use another company I found on the Internet and it went through OK, but with that exception, I have only used FaxZero.com and based on those experiences, I can suggest FaxZero.com to you.

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