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Husband needing open MRI??? Update???

Tammi K

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi everyone! I lost my original thread. The "my content" isn't working for me.


DH was dosed with benzos and given the open MRI. We weren't able to get in any sooner to get it. I think I posted about our dilemma regarding that -- there are only two open MRI machines in our entire (very large) county, for both the private hospital and the public hospital. He had to wait about 10 days for the open MRI. 


As much as I was furious that his was a "flagged" need and still we had to wait for the open (he wouldn't have had to wait at all for the regular MRI, considering the initial results), I am so glad we had to wait.


In the meantime, DH went to his GP about a nagging cough he'd had for a couple months. A cough I'd tried to get him to go to the doctor for a long time ago. His GP gave him antibiotics and a steroid (bronchitis was the dx, but we'd had other things going around the house as well, so he tacked on antibiotics). This was about a week prior to the open MRI.


We saw a surgeon friend of DH's that we'd been able to schedule for the business day following the open MRI.


It was not cancer -- or even a tumor. It was a spinal infection that looked like a "mass" on the previous tests. The surgeon could tell because, by the grace of God, the "mass" had mysteriously started shrinking -- which, according to the doctor, means that it was never a true "mass," because steroids don't shrink cancerous tumors. I'm so glad that he'd been on steroids by that point long enough to show what was happening. 


It appears the bronchial infection that went untreated spread. At least, that is the surgeon's best guess. My God, we were so scared. The ER doctor gave DH "the big talk" about the mass and I noticed DH sliding into a quasi-depression, that was offset by his sudden desire to teach DD16 his special red sauce recipe. 


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ETA: my favorite part of the entire debacle, was DH on the benzos. He was still quite "dosed" after the MRI and insisted I take him to his favorite gyro joint immediately following. He proceeded to exclaim about how "THESE FRIES ARE THE BEST THING EEEEVEEERR!" in the middle of the restaurant while sitting. Then I had to help him into the house when we got home (for context, I'm 115 lbs and 5'1"; he's almost 300 lbs and taller than me) -- and he insisted he was fine to walk -- he tripped coming up the stairs to the front door, then the children stopped him to say "hi" and he was completely dazed and almost fell over on them :p

He's typically a somewhat crabby and reserved man, so it provided me with giggles.

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That's so awesome.


Will he need to have a follow-up to make sure that the infection has completely cleared?

That's a fantastic question. The surgeon said it isn't necessary... but I would really, really prefer he did have a follow-up scan. Unfortunately, if the surgeon says "unnecessary," DH runs with that and isn't likely to push for a follow-up. 

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Oh Aimee!!! Your update actually left me a little breathless. I'm sooo glad it turned out to be something so minor! (Not that any kind of spinal infection is minor, but compared to the alternative...). What wonderful, wonderful news!!!

Right?! I never thought I'd be dancing with joy at the news of a spinal infection... until the alternative is a type of cancer/tumor that left even the doctors grim.

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