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$10 hairdryer that is decent?


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My son is heading off to college in Jan.  He has hair down just past his shoulders and it is thick.  He doesn't usually use a hairdryer but occasionally uses mine and now says he would like one to take with him.


I would like a small, foldable hairdryer that is decent enough to get the job done for longer, thick hair.  


Any suggestions?  


I wouldn't mind spending more if I thought he would really use it, but since he rarely uses it here and has 8am classes, I am guessing he really has no intention of using it much.



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I got ds this one from Kohl's for about $11 this summer for him to take to college. It was on sale, there was a coupon for a % off, and I had probably $5 of Kohl's cash or some $5 off coupon. (You know, what I call "the Kohl's game.")


It was a good deal and is working fine. In fact, I got another one exactly like it w/ a similar deal/coupons to keep here for the kids to use when they're home from college and for guests. 




ETA: Never mind. I missed "foldable" in your criteria. Amazon? Overstock? Marshall's? TJ Maxx? Ross?

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