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Activities resume questions

dirty ethel rackham

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Dd has 3 schools on her list that asked for an activities resume.  We did a some searching online and looked at samples, but many of those samples are for the uber-outlier student who cured cancer while starting a non-profit.  Dd's main high school activities have been 4-H (where she has held several leadership positions and has earned lots of awards)  and competitive rock climbing (where she has done very well at Regional and Divisional championships and has been to Nationals 3 times (not her best performances there ... getting the invite was the honor for her.) 


From the examples we looked at, we decided to do have several sections: Honors and Awards, Leadership, Activities, Work and Volunteer experience.


We have her academic awards on there, but should I put her 4-H awards in there (state delegate for several project areas, grand champion for several project areas)? 

What about climbing?  She has been on the podium a few times at the Regional and Divisional championships and has earned 3 invitations .  But other placements were good enough to advance, but don't look impressive (6th place.)  How should she show that she has taken competition seriously and has actively participated?  Should that go in the Activities section and she could describe her participation there?  


Leadership has lots of 4-H positions, but then she has some informal leadership, not necessarily a title.  She plans this section to be more functional ... describing what she has done.  


Volunteer/work experience is very light.  She mostly does babysitting for money because it works around her training schedule and commute.  Most of her volunteering is through service projects in 4-H because she doesn't have a lot of time, otherwise.  


It seems like 4-H will be mentioned many times.  


Any advice?  


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I say list everything 4-H-related that she did. I would list 4-h volunteering under volunteering even if it happened because of 4-H. For example, my oldest volunteered at 5K, through a club at her high school, but she put on her activities resume under volunteering as something-like "handed out water and t-shirts at 'name of' 5K race"


I would definitely list your daughter's climbing. List it first as a sport/extra-curricular. I would highlight her successes and making it to a national champtionship would count, no matter the results.



Good luck to your daughter.

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For an activities resume we did a few pages. Each kid had different categories, but examples would be volunteer work, Civil Air Patrol, Keyboard Activities, Reenactment Volunteer Activites, or Paid Employment. On each page we had a table. The first column was the activity, the second was time commitment (usually hours per week but occasionally two weeks dduring the summer or whatever), and the third was a description. The descriptions were full sentences, and occasionally the descriptions would go on for several lines.  We put awards, etc., in the description except for BIG ones (like the Spaatz for Civil Air Patrol, which got its own listing). For example, for my music major we would put "Competitions Won" in the activity column and then list the actual competitions with some info about them in the description column.


Activities resumes are an amazing way to showcase non-traditional activities like kayak-building or involvement in reenacting or working in a sail loft -- things which need explanations.


We put all academic awards on the transcript and then listed them in the application. We did not include them on the activities resume -- we treated the activities resume as a compilation of extra-curricular activities.

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We organized ours by activity. DD has two main activities - science fair and dance. We put her accomplishments under those two main categories. We added a hobbies section for her other things she does less intensively. We had an academics section at the beginning with GPA, a couple test scores, and National Merit Commended.

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Thanks for the responses.  Reading over my post (written in my bronchitis-lack-of-oxygen fog), it was unclear what to do about the awards dd has earned for rock climbing.  We could put the highlights (podium finishes, Nationals invitations) of her climbing in the awards section.  Then we could put in more detail in the rock climbing section of the activities/extracurricular section.  


Thanks for the reminder about hours.  

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