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I went to BF at Walmart yesterday around 5:45 to get the Instant Pot.

The associates near the small appliance "grab" did not know where it was located they kept directing me to Crockpots.

6 PM arrived and the grab took place. By the time I found out where they were located they were all gone. I did see a lady with 3 in her cart.

A nice person nearby explained they were only at floor level and there were only about 15 so that is why I didn't find them in the pallets.

Oh well.  I found some less popular items.


If you want a 32" Samsung 720p TV you can probably find it today - they weren't moving at all.


Lesson learned shop online.




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I look at it like I'm paying for comfort and convenience by shopping online.


And that's not nothing.  My sanity IS worth a few extra bucks.


Although I don't find on-line prices to be that much more most of the time.


Only thing I have not been too thrilled with is buying clothing on-line.  I really MUCH prefer to go to a physical store for that.

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My dh and kids went to Wal-mart yesterday for a BF deal and had a very different, and good, experience. (We needed to replace our rear-projection TV that had a growing yellow spot overtaking the whole screen. Everyone looks like Bart Simpson on it.)


Customers formed lines for high-demand items, and associates made sure folks didn't cut in line. At 6:00, the line began moving as associates handed out barcodes for those items (and they only allowed as many customers in the line as they had product, so you weren't waiting in vain.)


Then you took your barcode to check-out, paid, and drove to the back for pick-up. Dh said from being handed the barcode to driving away was only about 10 minutes.


He was nervous when he first got there and saw the number of people but said it was surprisingly calm and very organized.

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