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What Instant Pot do I want?


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I have the 6qt. 7 in 1 Duo and would recommend that one. We're also a family of 3 (all adults in our case). There are times when I think I want an 8qt. and might give in this sale season to get one, but not because the 6qt. isn't good enough. Just because I could use another one.


Just saw the post above me. That's a great price for the 8qt. I paid $69 for my 6qt. last year.

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So I have a family of 5 but they are small eaters. I am tempted to get the 8qt but it seems like overkill. Can I fill it half full? For some reason I hate doing that, but if others do I think I will get the 8. I sometimes cook for large groups. (6 ornso Times a year)


The only downside to the 8qt is that it takes up more counter space.  You can do so much more with the 8 qt because it will fit a larger volume inside the liner pot.  It's not just that you can cook in bulk (soups, chili dishes, ribs, etc.) , but you can put in larger inner items, like


 - a larger colander if you are pressure-steaming potatoes, carrots, eggs, etc.

 - a larger cheesecake pan or loaf pan for cheesecakes, pound cakes, meat loaf, and heavy breads so on

 - a larger stainless steel bowl for cooking rice, oatmeal, etc. (makes the clean-up so much easier, and frees up your IP for the next dish when the rice or oatmeal is done)

 - more volume for cooking foods that require small dishes: ramekins, jelly jars, yogurt cups, silicone molds for individual serving quiches, etc.

 - more volume for proofing dough on the yogurt setting (one of my favorites in a chilly house)


Hope that helps!!

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