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Raise.Me web site - Any experiences with that web site for your DC?


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This morning, my DD asked me to look at the Raise.Me web site.  https://www.raise.me/    I clicked around and read most or all of the legalese.  I find it troubling that they do not show their actual street address and phone number. The only way I saw to contact them is via an email address.


And then, on the URL above, among the Icons for some of the universities they say participate, is Tech (Texas Tech University).  If they are one of the "College Partners" then I will assume Raise.Me is reputable.  I suggested to DD she contact someone at TTU K12 (formerly TTUISD) to see if they can confirm that Tech participates with Raise.Me


If anyone has experience with Raise.Me please share, positive or negative.


Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!  



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I looked into it a few months ago, and it seemed that the "scholarship money" that was supposedly earned through the program was no different than the normal merit aid that the participating schools offered to everyone. People who had used RaiseMe said that what they had supposedly "earned" through RaiseMe didn't really count for anything when they actually applied, and that the merit they were offered was either the same or more than what RaiseMe had indicated, and was in line with what they got from comparable schools that did not participate in RaiseMe. The idea behind it seems to be to get students to feel somewhat "attached" to the schools that they are signed up with, making them more likely to actually apply when they are seniors — because by then if they don't apply it feels like they are wasting scholarship money that they've already "earned." 


I had looked into it for DD, who is currently in 9th, and decided there was no real point to participating.

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