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Anybody live in Regina, Sasketchewan?

AngieW in Texas

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I am looking for input about apartments near University of Regina. I PMed one boardie who lives in Regina, but I only know of that one person. I don't know if any others live in Regina or know the area near U of R.


A has an emotional support dog and was approved to have an emotional support animal in the dorms at University of Adelphi. We are also in the process of training Aspen to serve as a mobility support dog, but Aspen is only 10 months old, so we aren't very far into the training process yet. We are working with a local training center that has international certification to train service dogs, but it takes two years to complete the process, so it will be a long before we have service dog certification for Aspen, especially since A will be home with Aspen only in the summers.


The apartment A gets needs to be near enough U of R to walk there or right on a bus line that will go there without having to transfer to another bus. It also needs to be close to a bus line for grocery shopping.


We won't be able to see the apartments in person before A moves in, so we will have to get everything set up from home and hope that it looks as good when A arrives as it does online.


Any recommendations of apartment complexes to look at or apartment complexes to avoid that are near U of R?

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Adelphi has nothing to do with U of R. We had considered trying the dorms at U of R because we were pretty sure that A would be approved for an ESA at U of R due to having had one at Adelphi, but the dorms were extremely loud at Adelphi and we have been warned that they are loud at U of R also, so we are looking for an apartment instead.


ETA: corrected typoes

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