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One of my 4 dc have the flu....

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I'm kinda sitting, waiting to see if it's going to hit everyone else. I would like to do some school today the ones who aren't sick. Any ideas on an easy day so I can pay mind to my sick sweetie, but still have the others do something more than watch tv? I'm just wondering what everyone else does in this situation. Thanks!

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The TV room is the sick room. One bathroom belongs to the sick kid. The sick child NEVER goes into the kitchen--always gets served. Sometimes the heathy kids get to sneak into the TV room. Sometimes not.


So----I just let the sick ones in the sick rooms and we dote on them all day long while we go about our other business.



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All but one of mine has a fever today...I did school with just her yesterday. It was quite pleasant as long as everyone else was sleeping! They did a lot of sleeping. A little computer game playing and watched a movie. I walked and sang to the littlest one a lot.

My advice: wash hands, computer keyboards, doorknobs, etc...and read aloud. Get everyone settled on a couch and read until one or more falls asleep. Tiptoe out and do school with the others.

Hopefully this will pass soon!! Empathy ((hug))!

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