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Math Problem Help!


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I cannot figure out how to get the answer to this problem (short of guessing and plugging in numbers). I need to be able to explain how to get the solution to my dd10.


Here's the problem:


Kamala had 5,026 grams of flour in a canister. She brought a 4,157 gram bag of flour. She poured some flour from the bag to the canister. As a result, the mass of the flour in the canister is not twice the mass of the flour left in the bag. How much flour is in the bag now?


Any ideas? I tried to set it up with bar models, but I had too many unknowns.

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Couldn't you add up all the grams of flour, and then divide into 3 parts: two for the canister and one for the bag?


One third of the total is 3061 grams.


Good lands, yes! My brain is functioning slowly this morning apparently.


I actually had it set up that way using bar models, but then erased it.




Thanks so much for your help!

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