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How to teach pencil grip?


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I used a few things:


Short crayons and chalk.  The grip is corrected on its own.  And I do mean short, like 1-2 inches.


Tweezer and eyedropper work to develop the pincher grasp.


When finally ready for a larger instrument, I used a comfortable rubber band slid onto the wrist and a cotton ball.  The rubber band was twisted once (in a figure 8) to hold the pencil above the hand so the fingers didn't grasp too hard, and the child held a cotton ball with the non-writing fingers to help relax.

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Some children do better with a quadrupod rather than tripod grip.


I read an interesting study awhile back about the relative advantages of several different grips; I'll see if I can find it for you. Maybe a less common grip would work better for your child.

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Definitely easier to gently correct when they are toddlers than to undo bad habits when they are preschoolers.


Handwriting Without Tears is definitely an option to look into even if you only do the Wet Dry Try with the chalk board and the little pieces of chalk.


You can also get tripod pencil grips such as these or these or these. You might get a variety of them to see which ones work best for your child. Make sure every pencil has one and every crayon is broken down short or they will find the one that isn't broken or doesn't have a grip and ONLY want to use that one.

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