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Christmas gift ideas for my very crafty dd9

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My dd9 loves to create, she actually told me the other day she wanted a big box for christmas! She is always taking unused boxes and turning them into something. She loves to draw, color, paint, play with play dough, clay. I thought we could get her a box full of craft supplies, what do you think is essential for a child's crafts? It has to be on the cheap side as well, our budget is very limited.

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The craft supplies that get the most use in our house are:


glue sticks


washable markers

Crayola Twistable crayons

oil pastels (they're a little 'fancier', and my dsd14 got some a few years ago and loves them)

a huge drawing pad

construction paper

glitter glue; the kind that comes in different colors in tubes

beads/thread/jewelry making supplies or kits

a nice sketch pad (Michaels has a great selection)


Oh, and a big, cheap plastic table cloth from the dollar store to protect the kitchen table from all those nice supplies. :)

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My daughter is 9yo. Have you seen the Klutz Hemp jewelry and Spool Knit bracelet books? I bought extra hemp, cord, and seed beads and she enjoys making the bracelets so much! She also enjoys Klutz clay books and materials, crochet and knitting books and supplies (wooden needles are easier). The Daring book for Girls and the American Girls Handy Book have lots of fun ideas also. I'm going to buy her the Embroidery Klutz book this year.


I buy these with 40% and 50% coupons to my craft stores.

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We did this last Christmas for my dd and she LOVED it!!


I purchased this:




Each drawer has a lid that is hinged to the back and snaps closed.


Inside, I filled each drawer.


1) Crayola water-based paints & paint brushes -- a paint pad of paper for the side

2) Light weight card stock

3) Colored pencils & crayons

4) Misc junk drawer: glue sticks, a few decorative scissors, regular drawing pencils, general stuff like that

5) Stamping stuff: a few stamps (Michael's w/a 50% coupon), stamp pads

6) A set of 100 colored pens (which she LOVES)

7) Empty because she already had a TON of beads (small wooden) that needed a home.


Then, for her birthday we got her a kids Cricket thing (it is a die-cut machine, but very small) with a bunch of dies and one drawer now has all of those in there.


In her stocking this year, I'll have additional stuff.... like a few new stamps, a new stamp pad, some new colored pencils, drawing pencils, and more card stock.




ETA: Oh, I also forgot... she LOVES to do Sculpty clay. I think I need a new cart.

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I would add some cool fabric and ribbon. A friend did this for my daughter and she loved it. She bought it on sale at a fabric store. Your dd will be very busy no matter what she finds in it. :)


My dd actually designed an outfit on paper the other day and asked if I had any fabric she couls use so I think this is a great idea! I was thinking about getting her a child sewing machine but I don't know if they are really worth the money and if it is going to be in the budget anyway. I have a sewing machine so it may work just as well for her to use it.


Are there any good learn to sew books anyone could recommend? I was also thinking about looking for a learn to crochet book.

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My daughters love all sorts of paper-cardstock, all colors, copy paper, construction paper, tissue paper and tape, tape, tape. I can never manage to buy enough tape. We have also enjoyed many of the American Girl craft books. My dd, 9, just received the pom pom book for a birthday gift. It is very cute. As far as wanting a cardboard box, have you seen these? cardboard box houses with OctaClips! making forts play house w/ boxes, playhouse building indoor I've always thought they look neat. Also,we use lots of fabric for all sorts of crafts and dress up/pretend play.

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We had the box from the furnace in our living room for over a month- it was the best box ever! DD8 still talks about it. It was huge, almost 5 ft tall! The delivery guys looked at me as if I was nuts, when I asked them to leave the box.


She loves to sew, too, but I think it is a little early for a machine. I will probably start her on mine when she is ready. She loves to take a length of fabric and make doll clothes and accessories. Maybe you could make a sewing kit and include fabric, which can be inexpensive.

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