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Bullying suggestion


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Just sharing here for anyone interested.


I ended up covering a Fitness and Wellness class for juniors today at school (covering meaning they had no sub in, so on my prep from my regular math duties, I got to pretend to be their sub).  The teacher had this short (3 minutes) video on bullying as part of their plan.  It went over very, very well with the students - pretty terrific discussion afterward - a bit longer than 3 minutes!  Kudos to BK for either putting it out there or allowing it to be made using them - whichever it was - I haven't investigated.


I think sometimes things have to be seen and connections spelled out to click.


Anyway, I know we all have our preferences and dislikes, but if anyone else is looking for something "different" to deal with this subject, feel free to preview the video and see if it might be discussion producing in your situation.


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That was surreal. I am in tears. I cannot believe so many adults just sat there and did nothing. :(


The stats were amazing, esp for in such a public place.  95% to 12% on whether folks cared about their food (and what should happen) vs kids (and what should happen).


Too many people don't give a hoot about other humans or are too scared to do anything about it (even though someone who bullied a burger seems just as likely to be nasty if confronted about it when you think about the abnormality of it all).


But I guess when name calling (even now - with hardly anyone calling him on it) and sexual harassment are common at the top (politics and Hollywood), what does one expect from those watching?  I guess bullies have rights to be bullies too?


It was a very good discussion at school (leaving actual politics out - just specific behavior allowed and promoted were in the discussion).  If this (or similar things) can be as eye opening and promoted more with the next generation, maybe they can help fix things.  It's a long shot, but I posted the video here hoping it might reach further since it seems to connect so well with the class I had.  Long shots may be all we have.

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This was great. I loved seeing the (very few) adults stand up for the kid being bullied. 


I'm definitely glad they showed that part, esp after showing all those who seemed bothered, but did nothing other than look around, then those few who just seemed to ignore it all pretending not to notice.


It seemed to give watchers a wide range of possible reactions to choose from if/when they find themselves in a similar situation - and the "do something" reaction wasn't obnoxious at all.

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