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Does anyone use schoolhouseteachers.com? Worth $139 for 2 yrs?


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My experiences with it are hit/miss.  I wish you had more than 1 day to decide so you could do a 5 dollar trial and then decide.

I've enjoyed the downloadable planners. I enjoyed some of the workshops that members can access.  I thought I'd enjoy some of the world book stuff, but not with this youngest kid with lots of special needs and impairments.

Some of the class work seems "too light" even for my needs.

In the high school stuff, I seemed to have a few more hits than misses.  But not always.  We did "ok" but not great with some classes that were video based when they have outlines to fill in.

I don't have a lot of details to share on it.  I keep wondering how I would have done with "typical" vs special learners.

The approach overall is almost too light even for me in many things.  One example of that was with high school course (friendly chemistry), they called it a semester but only 12 chapters were covered (and the first semester of that book covers 16 chapters).  that kind of thing.  But, I liked that it helped us get started using Friendly Chemistry and I bought the rest of that book on amazon.


I realize you didn't ask about high school but that's my most recent experiences with it.

If I had nothing else to use, I could make it work????


sorry to be vague.  you might be able to randomly see some samples of one week of various courses if you go to website and put "sample" in the search box.  it returned results for me.  clicked on those to go to the course page and some of those had a sample lesson.   That might help you get a feel for how the lessons are delivered and set up.   They are NOT a school.  It's teaching materials.  Some people use it in full and get great value.  Others, like me,  pick and choose some things, download a bunch of stuff that I never used, enjoyed the planners.  moved on....






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I guess you missed the sale, but I would say it is worth it for 2 years for that price. Did you get it? It is a better price than the sale I bought it for in May. I will say for me, it has been worth it, but I had my eye on the access to Mr. Ds math which is a lot more expensive to use directly through purchasing from its own website. We don't get access to live classes through SHT, but we get to use the full course with videos, which has been really good for us for this year. If I had bought a new textbook for geometry with answer key I would have spent about as much or more than I spent on SHT. Theoretically I have access to everything else on the site, but I don't use it a whole lot. We have used the encyclopedia here quite a bit for writing assignments for my girls. That is nice. I like Right Now Media, so we get access to those videos too. I can always find something to go along with what we are learning there. I have access to it through my church for free already, but if I didn't, I would definitely feel I was getting a good bargain with that in the mix. 


I have used random things- pages from the planners and calendars, an odd worksheet here or there, recipes from those files, and played around a bit with some of the parent workshops. 



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