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Favorite "daily language arts activity" type books for elementary?


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For first grade, I have used Evan Moor Daily Language Review. It was great for first grade, but we were also doing FLL. I moved into the Daily Grams series by Easy Grammar after that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! I did not use their Grammar program but was using Abeka Grammar.


I also have the Evan Moor daily editing but didn't use it much because we switched to spelling workout, which has an editing exercise.


Next year (6th grade), I will continue with Daily Grams and I am also going to add "Daily Grammar Practice" from http://dgppublishing.com. I have not seen it but I like the examples on the website. I am skipping formal grammar next year and just using the 2 daily exercise books for review.


For first grade, I also used a book called "Writing a Super Sentence" which isn't "grammar" but introduced adding adjectives and adverbs to sentences.


You didn't mention math but wanted to mention I also LOVE Evan-Moor Daily word problem book. We don't use it "daily" as it is intended but once or twice a week, we do it. This is an area my dc are week in, and this is nice additional practice. The word problems are practical to real-life, which I like.

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