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Book: Helping Students with ASD Express Their Thoughts and Knowledge in Writing


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Oh that does look good from the preview. I'm curious too! Writing is the bane of our existence here... But I have a 5th grader, so we're not anywhere near essays and such. I'm still trying to get him to write a simple paragraph without being overly silly (like "How to set the table" included blowing up his brother, etc. - he did some rewriting yesterday). I think he doesn't yet see a purpose in writing. He thinks it's just to torture him.

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You want my cynical take? It's trying to label defects specific to autism so you can cram the kids with autism into the same old, failed, writing instruction mold of the ps. The people don't explore theories of writing instruction, don't explore all the therapy options behind the language issues, don't explore anything that really COULD be done. It's just shallow tripe.


But, ya know, if you get mileage out of it, awesome. But like I said, it never goes beyond trying to reinforce and force onto the students their ONE WAY of teaching writing. If they got their heads a little beyond that, that might actually get somewhere.

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