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No good day, includes update on teen aspie


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So, husband went out of town today for work. Best friend called crying hysterically because it looks like something is wrong with her unborn baby. Other friend was messaging me because her dog was very sick, and ended up needing emergency surgery for a twisted intestine. My dog was sick at doggy daycare and is now on a bland diet, And my teen got up the nerve to tell me he withdrew from the ONE class he was actually doing, because he was failing it, because he wasn't in fact doing the work. 


Let me just say that after that we got take out for dinner. 


In good news, I didn't lose my you know what on the teen, and was able to have a good talk with him. He is also not taking his ADHD meds. He lost them. You can't make this crap up. We discussed options, goals, work ethic, the possibility of talking with a therapist or college advisor or mentor or something, he admitted he spends too much time on the computer, and we found a volunteer opportunity for him to do for the rest of the semester. 


But man. I'm done. 


And I'm babysitting tomorrow, for two kids I barely know. 


But really, given what my friend is going through, right now I can't get very upset bout the rest. My kids are all okay, they are healthy, and they will find their way in the world...eventually. The rest is gravy. 

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That’s a lot to deal with at one time. I am praying for your friend’s baby to be ok, for your son to get the help and gumption to get on track, and for you as you love and help them all. By the way, I love your short hair. Every time I see your avatar I think about how cute it is!

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Yuck.  Sorry.


My son actually has his Aspie friend over right now.  This child bombed out of two full loads of classes at college, two diff. semesters.....and now he seems to be doing better.  So, hopefully the same will happen for your son.

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