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Anyone here live near Victoria, BC Canada and help us with food allergy questions?


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My 16 year old will possibly be going on a school robotics outing to Victoria, BC in March.  We have plenty of winter clothes (purchased for skiing) :)  but my real concern is his severe peanut allergy AND he is allergic to wheat which complicates things!!


Does anyone know how people in that area are with food allergies?  Are restaurant staff trained and knowledgable?  Do they keep binders or books with allergy listings ready and available?  Is Victoria a city where there would be likely to be corner stores where he can run down and buy his own pre-packaged food, if the restaurant was unable to accommodate him??


Any help would be awesome.

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It's a fairly 'evolved' location, so I'm thinking you can expect them to be up to date on food trends. Nut awareness is old hat and likely to be no problem. Wheat awareness probably won't be a problem either, but some places might be a bit jaded around customers who are wheat-free by preference -- creating the perception that serious wheat issues might not be 'that serious'. Your kid might need to be firm and clear about this.


Corner stores would vary by location. Probably use google maps once you know the exact destination.

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I'm in Vancouver & have family in Victoria.  I wouldn't worry. Peanut allergy is well understood here & all schools have nut policies.

Gluten free is also well known & most good restaurants can accommodate. Yes, they will have nutritional info & if you speak to the restaurant or hotel caterers before, they will make arrangements and clear ingredients with you. We're not gf but we're vegan and there have only been a few places where it was a headache to get something made...and that was usually because of lack of notice. If you notify them ahead, it's fine. 

And yup, stores will have regular food (just so long as you're in an area with stores....some campus locations might be a distance..)  West coast is pretty well known for all types of dietary varieties. We're extremely international and diverse. BC is Canada's most diverse province; ~ 30% of our province is an immigrant and because most settle in the metropolitan areas in the south, those areas are much higher. You can get pretty much any food here. 

Most mid size and larger supermarkets have huge gf sections. 

You won't need cold weather clothes. March the daffodils and tulips and cherry blossoms are usually out. RAIN otoh....

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