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Who’s going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


•horse vet will be here at 8:00 for fall checkups


•feed birds

•only 1 load laundry today

•bills, bills, bills

•go through info on our group health insurance rate increase  :ack2:

•mop mudroom

•go through Subscribe and Save list

•order light fixtures (been dragging my feet on this, but it needs to get done)

•dinner: the coconut green curry with tofu that didn't get made over the weekend

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Good morning! Dh decided to stay during morning practice to work out, so I got to sleep for an extra 45 minutes. It is a pretty regular Monday here.


To do:


boys up and working

daily chores-pick up Sunday afternoon mess

go over due dates with ds2

pick up dd2/do some work with her

ds3 to guitar


jen things

ds3 to tennis

pick up dd2/swim/aikido

late pickup for aikido


Have a great day!

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Good morning! I haven’t done one of these in a long time,but I love them!!

xGet up right now
xGet showered/hair/looking good
xGet out the door
xDon’t forget to send email about wearing green tomorrow
xDo the uncomfortable job of asking for donations. All day long

Go on a walk jog
Hike the big hill
Stay on plan with food

Post spouse club stuff online - don’t forget
Violin at 3:30
Soccer at 7pm

x (in the crockpot) Warm up dinner - left over yummy soup

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Hi!  I didn't get much work done yesterday, even though I felt like I did a lot of something.  :P  So today I need to be productive and keep my clients happy.

  • Laundry - wash 1, dry 2, fold & put away 3.  (So far I've done one of each.)
  • Pack kids' gym clothes.
  • Successfully hid my kid's vitamins D3 and B12 in her yogurt without her knowing it.
  • Kids off to the school bus on time.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.
  • Ordered some school shirts and sheets for the kids.
  • Caught up on social media.
  • A little reading.

To do:

  • Lots of work reports and stuff.
  • More reading, housework, and a little exercise.
  • Pay some bills.
  • Get some hand-me-downs packed for nieces.
  • Make appointments for doc, chiro, and tires.
  • FedEx run.
  • Kids' homework - hopefully not much since their math is done.
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work while they tumble.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Good morning!  Recovering from our weekend road trip and just wanting to sit on the couch and do nothing.  I'm sitting here at 10 am and haven't even had coffee yet.  



-get DS16 off to school

-school with DS13

-pick dog up from kennel

-start cooking big ham I have in fridge - NOPE.

-laundry (including baseball uniforms)

-figure out DS16 baseball schedule for the week (plays on high school and travel teams so need to check overlap)

-catch up with DS13 in Great Expectations for literature

-workout (a 1 hour bootcamp mix of cardio, weights, and abs)

-unpack from the weekend

-dinner (ham and other stuff) - NEED A PLAN B

-high school baseball game at 8 pm (ugh, who schedules these things??)

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Scout, I'm basically having the same dinner, but it's chicken and veggies in a bag in the oven with seasoning in packet. I resort to convenience items often on swim nights!

Roast chx is easy and good. Then I use the bones for stock. My veggies are from my CSA box, so sweet potatoes or squash tonight, plus a nice salad.

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done

called an electrician - they are booked out at least a week but he said that he would walk dh through it for free over the phone.  Dh took his phone number. 

Called and and called and called around the Children's hospital network getting the runaround until a very nice lady in medical records said that she would take care of everything for me by tomorrow morning (which is when I need the lab results for a doctor). 

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got the laundry done and cleaned the laundry room 

swept the basement

had our vet appt. and tentatively scheduled dental work for 5 horses next week

cleaned the kitchen

picked out my new kitchen cabinet doors and molding (Our existing cabinet boxes are in good shape and I like the layout, so we are keeping them. This will save us quite a bit, which is good because our new hickory flooring is $$$.)

talked w/dh about our outdoor/barn projects that need to be done soon 

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kitchen - rebooted dishwasher but it isn't running because it isn't full.


laundry - put ds' wet clothes in the dryer and the rest of his dirty clothes in the washer.  Sigh.  He was supposed to do his laundry on Saturday or Sunday so that I would have the washer and dryer free for my stuff today.  But oh well. 


School/ Grading/ Paperwork - I can't even see my table due to all the kitchen stuff that got moved there yesterday because we're trying to set up for a new kitchen range.  So I'm going to put this off and wash out cabinets and put stuff back so that I can do this a couple of rounds later.  So far I have put all the pans back in their spot.

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Got one drawer put back into cabinet.


Got down on my knees and then belly to totally wash out one cabinet. 


filled the dishwasher up with dusty bowls to wash before putting them back in the cabinet.  Dishwasher is now running.


Threw out the one lacquerware tray that got broken.  I still have two more but they were a set that I've had for 35 years now.  It makes me sad to throw that one away  but it was unsalvageable. 

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I spent most of the afternoon doing office work. Got some bills paid and made myself file everything right away. Since I just got my desk cleaned off last week, I'm trying to avoid the dreaded "to be filed" pile from building up again.


Now I have to get some hay steaming and then get started on dinner.



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Degreased the kitchen fan/exhaust.


Washed down the wall one more time.  I just cannot get these yellow grease spots off despite using 409 and Dawn and even a motorized scrubber.  Sigh.


Folded one load of ds' clothes.  Put his second load into the dryer.


Now I am grading a 15 page biology final.  With no answer key.  So my goal here is to do 5 pages at a time.  1 page down. . .   

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Finally got through schoolwork!


Dinner is made. Just needs to be served.

Prep for breakfast casserole done, but I need the pan the chx is in.

Made macaroni and cheese for dd's lunch tomorrow.

Almost done with dh's card. Wish I had time to frame it. 


to do:

serve/eat dinner

get ds out the door to CS

finish dh's card

order basketball tickets

watch tv with dd? If she has finished her work for tomorrow. 

Assemble breakfast casserole and put it in fridge. 



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kitchen - washed knife block and all handwashables.


laundry - dd helped me to switch laundry around.  Folded second load of ds'.  Now we are washing my loads. 


School - celebrated Dd finally finishing up last year's biology by going out for fro-yo


And after froyo I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a rotisserie chicken and some microwavable potatoes and veggies since I have no stove. 

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