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Would you "please" help me find one of my older threads?


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Several years ago I posted about vacation ideas for Washington D.C.


I can NEVER find a previous thread of mine or anyone's in the wtm search engine.  And, I tried googling but don't know how you do it.


I asked for this thread once before and someone found it and posted it for me.  I thought I copied the link (as I do with other topic links I want to keep to refer to later) but can not find it in my list.


Would one of you find it again for me and post or send direct?  I'd appreciate it.  TIA!  :) 

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The key is sometimes to start with:


and then put your key search terms in quotes right after, so

site:welltrainedmind.com "sheryl" "washington DC" 


However, like you, this didn't help me find the old thread. So, hats off to Catwoman!

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