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Early Morning Wake Up


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I've gotten used to it. Most nights I'm up two or three times, and sometimes I wake up wide-awake at three or four in the morning. I have a sleeping medication with melatonin that helps me.


DH is waking up at two or three, hot and sweating. We've dropped the temperature at night down to around 67, and I'm pushing for 65 to help him stay asleep. Sometimes melatonin helps him, sometimes not. He does think my restlessness contributes to his sleep issues, and we may at some point get a second bed so that I can sleep in another room at night. He snores some, but not enough for me to think there's an issue with his breathing. He does struggle with heartburn, and he's currently on medications for an esophageal issue that may require a food trial next year if it doesn't respond, so I'm not ruling out that he might have some issue with food that wakes him up. But while I can accept that I might wake him up moving around and so forth, that doesn't explain why he's literally sweating himself awake.


Suggestions beyond keeping the bedroom the temperature of an icebox?


ETA: His caffeine consumption is low. He doesn't drink coffee, and probably the most he might drink later in the day would be an iced tea.

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