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The Time Flies! Teachers Lounge 11-7-2017


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Today's theme stems from the fact that I was awake earlier than usual today and briefly thought about opening the Lounge then but

decided I needed to get something else done first. Then my husband went into work late and was on the computer most of the morning.

After coming back from getting groceries, I realized how late it  was getting and I needed to open the Lounge. then my daughter did her chemistry lesson

downstairs so I haven't been able to get here until now! Sorry about that!


Who else thinks the day is getting away from them?


Anyone need a nap? Here: ME!  :seeya:


Anyone feel like there is way too much that needs to be fit into this one day? Here: me again!  :willy_nilly:  :svengo:


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Day totally got away from me.  I taught a two hour science workshop.  It went well but it was so messy.  Set-up this morning, teaching the class, clean up after.  I just got home and we leave for TKD in 30 minutes.  And its raining and cold and I don't wanna.  But the kids are going to visit MIL this weekend so they won't be able to go Saturday morning so need to do at least their 2 x a week, so off we'll go.

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