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Aimee’s dh, update?


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I'm sorry, y'all. For some reason, my threads aren't popping in my activity, so I can't find the original.


We are still waiting on more diagnostics. I'm not sure that I updated with that DH had a panic attack at his late-night MRI, so they had to pull him out and reschedule. There are only two open-air machines for our entire county (largest county in the state), and both are located at the outpatient center, not the hospital, so we've run into a couple problems --


1. Timing. Even with his order flagged, he was rescheduled a week out from the first one. Because... two open-airs for the entire county.


2. No medical supervision. Since it's an outpatient facility, there is only "a radiologist somewhere in the building" -- but DH has a history of respiratory distress, and will be taking a sedative... but they aren't able, according to them, to even monitor his vitals because of their "outpatient" status. They can give him oxygen if he stops breathing, but I'm still not sure HOW THEY WOULD KNOW, since they can't monitor his vitals. 


3. His doctors wanted him completely under and monitored by an anesthesiologist at the main campus -- he's severely claustrophobic, has a history of respiratory distress, etc. but they only have a regular closed MRI at the main hospital campus, and DH's shoulders measured far too wide, from one end of his shoulders to the other, to get him in -- the can only take 25 inches, and his shoulders are 32 inches wide, so it just isn't even an option.



Positive notes -- we have friends who are trying to call in a couple favors to get medical supervision of some kind in the room with him. 

And DH has a personal friend who is a spinal/neuro surgeon, who will be seeing DH the first business day after the MRI, with results in hand, so we can get that ball rolling and quickly. 


So, nothing much new, just a bunch of "not knowing" stress.

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