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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!



-DS16 off to school (so glad he is driving in the light now and not in the dark)

-school with youngest (including WTMA class at noon) - Not done until 4:50 pm GRRRRRR

-workout during WTMA class (cardio)

-laundry  DONE:  1

-make eye appointment for oldest

-grocery shopping

-read (been reading the same book for 6 weeks - I think it is time to move on)

-dinner (egg roll in a bowl)

-DS16 school baseball game at 7 pm

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Good morning!


It's a beautiful morning here, sunny and cold. It was so nice to have the sun rising as we did chores, instead of having to stumble around in the dark. 


•dh is taking ds19 to the ER for round 2 of rabies shots and will then drop him off at work


•make shopping list

•pay Amex bill so we get the early pay discount

•go grocery shopping

•stop at post office 


•order grain for dd's pony

•attempt to track down our flooring sample (we ordered a box of hickory planks from Tennessee that were supposedly shipped out over two weeks ago, but haven't arrived yet  :glare: )

•do thrush treatment on horse's feet

•dinner: sweet potato taco bowls

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Some rough weather overnight in our area.  A piece of our building blew off.  Some damage was done, (to our and others' property), but thankfully nobody was hurt.  Now to decide whether to repair/replace or just remove the broken fixture.


Had nightmares about the work I wanted to send out this morning, but did not get up and send it out.  Need to get that going asap.


Kids packed and off to school.  I really should have weighed their bags this morning.  They have 2 tests this week so they brought home those books to study, plus their mega math book and spelling book.  I will never understand why they make books so heavy knowing that kids have to carry them on their backs.  In addition to that, they had to take their gym bags and their band instruments.  And a memory verse to study on the bus.  I'm amazed I remembered all of it before my coffee.


Cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast.  And a little clutter.


Got caught up on social media.


Now I need to get some work out.


Hope to do a little reading and exercise, hopefully some housework

and personal stuff.


Kids' homework.


Meeting with kid's psychologist this evening.


Kids to gymnastics.  Hopefully walk, though it will be pitch dark.  I should look for some indoor exercise options nearby.




Kids to bed.




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Oh no, Selkie!  I didn't know about your DS19 and I hope he is feeling better!


Thank you!  :)  He is feeling great, thank goodness - he hasn't even had any of the typical side effects from the shots.


To make a long story short, last Friday morning he was climbing into a machine at work and either a bat or a bird flew out and hit him in the neck. It was dark so he wasn't able to see what it was. We checked with an infectious disease specialist, who advised that ds should get rabies shots since he may have had physical contact with a bat. Their teeth are so tiny that you can get bitten without even knowing it. 


It is probably much ado about nothing and we don't even know for sure that it was a bat, but we're erring on the side of caution. He got five shots on Friday, one shot today, and he has to go back two more times.  

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Good morning! Selkie, I am glad your son is getting the shots, certainly good for peace of mind. I am back from the morning practice drive and have a busy day today, so I hope everything goes well.


To do:

read paper and have breakfast

phone calls for appointments

check bills and pay some 

school with boys

check spring classes with ds2

nag him about checking websites and email

bathrooms/laundry/daily chores

guitar lesson

home for about an hour, read?

ds3 to tennis (has to bike home-will be dark, but he has lots of lights)

pick up dd2/swim/aikido

back to attend hs swim meeting (dh will be there-but dd2 is supposed to be there too)

pick up ds2 late from aikido


Have a great day!


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:willy_nilly: :willy_nilly: :willy_nilly: :willy_nilly: :willy_nilly:


kitchen - dishwasher rebooted.


laundry - one load in washing machine


school / grading - algebra and biology graded. 


kitchen - overflowing recycling taken out.


got interrupted by long call from my neighbor about health insurance woes (which we share).  Spent some time while talking sorting papers for the insurance information that ds said that he gave me but I still can't find.  Now I need to get back on track again.  Where am I again?  Oh yeah - laundry is next. 


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3 loads of laundry are done with more in the works.


Went to town and got a huge, overflowing cart of groceries.


Got a big pile of new chore gloves and ordered a new pair of chore boots because mine have a hole.


Found out that the Amex bill had to be paid by yesterday in order to get discount. Oops.


Our hickory flooring sample showed up. I like it much more than the oak we currently have.


Time to clean the kitchen, get some hay steaming, and make dinner.





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