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ISO: germ / microbiology / immunology small prizes

Lucy the Valiant

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Gearing up to teach Mystery Disease at co-op after Christmas, and I'm in search of small (inexpensive) science-themed prizes . . . I thought germ stickers would be pretty cool, but Amazon was rather disappointing. 


I did find these microbiology stickers on Etsy, but I'm looking for some more variety . . . famous scientist trading cards? germ postcards? I've seen the plush germs - that's the sort of thing I'm after, but on a budget. Pens / pencils? Age range is 5th-8th grade kids, and they're pretty open to fun little things.


I know this place is full of these sort of ideas . . . 






(Edited: forgot to add link.)

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Science Party Mini-Buttons?


Science Party Laboratory Notepads?


Science Party Test Tube Favor Containers?


Science Party Stress Characters?


Nose Pencil Sharpeners? (Plenty of germs in there, right? :laugh: )


Not sure if these would work for your class, but some reward ideas here.


You could order personalized pencils of some sort...

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You might also check at local health dept or doctor's offices. They may have rolls of stickers or treasure box toys to pass out. They may have some ideas for sources.






Edit: Just adding more as I find them.

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