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Cleaning silk lampshades and reattaching trim band


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Does anyone have any good tips or foolproof procedures for cleaning silk lampshades? I didn't realize it could be done, but this video seems to suggest it's possible, just a little time consuming: 


I have two silk shantung (I think) lampshades that are going to be expensive to replace, but replacements are available. They are starting to lose the banding around the bottom, but I think that is fixable if I know what kind of adhesive to use. They are also really dirty--they were dusted religiously for a long time, but when the banding started to fall off, and they seemed to have some random small specks and stains of unknown origin, I kind of neglected them.  :svengo:I am sure I can dust them pretty well prior to washing to increase my chances of not making them look worse, but those little odd flecks of yuck are my bigger concern.


For the price, I figure I can't go wrong with trying to clean them, but I would love to be successful and would appreciate cleaning tips and information on adhesive for the band.


I can't find inexpensive replacements that are quite right. These are the exact shades: http://www.lampsplus.com/products/stiffel-off-white-silk-shantung-shade-8x16x12-spider__7w297.html


The lamps were a wedding present from my grandmother.



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