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Chemistry II after Wile (preferably secular)

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Ds is probably not going to finish Discovering Design with Chemistry by Dr. Wile in one school year. It may take him a couple of months into the following school year. (I could have him finish it over the summer, but I'm trying to be realistic here. We typically don't get much done during the summer.) I'd like for him to be able to sit for the CLEP or AP Chem test after next year.

Is there anything (preferably secular or not overly religious- Wile was fine) he could complete in a matter of 6-8 months which would prepare him for this? I'm considering Thinkwell AP Chem, but it has no lab component. He will need proof of labs for the colleges he's considering (STEM major.) It needs to be under $300 total. 

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Or, hey, I'm up for any discussion on the topic. If you used DDwC by Wile, tell me anything you used after it and how it went. There aren't that many posts here discussing this curriculum, for some reason. I'm not sure why! We are thrilled with it. Ds is doing all of the supplemental videos and work, hence our concern about not finishing within a school year. 

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