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Grade 5 logic stage younger child.

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Dear all,


Which curriculums / books / resources do you recommend when a child is accelerated and is entering the logic stage when he is younger.


Thanks in advance.

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I just look through options geared for logic stage and choose what will work best for my kids. Sometimes I adapt output requirements if that seems appropriate. We're using Elemental Science Biology for the Logic Stage, and when it says "write a report" I have them write a summary paragraph instead, because we're not at "report" level in writing skills/stamina yet.


Another option is to use grammar-stage programs but add to them. We're using Story of the World for history, but I add in library books at a higher level, and we work on summaries (rather than narrations) and outlining skills. We've also started analyzing primary sources a bit.


Is that helpful? Your question was rather broad, so I'm not sure whether my response is what you were looking for or not.

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One specific resource that I can not recommend enough for advanced younger kids is the first lower-secondary Science matters textbook with the Structured Questions book. I did not get the teachers book or the wb, we just read this and talked about the questions. He loved it so much. He's inclined to sitting and talking about science though, so ymmv. He was 8 or so at the time, so we did NOT move on to the second book in the series because they feature birth control and abortion, both things he knew about but he certainly didn't need 8th grade level info know what I mean?


And then just really encouraging him to tackle harder, deeper literature. It's so tricky to find that balance with precocious kids where they are challenged but not overwhelmed, getting into meaty topics that their minds love to turn over and over while respecting the emotional age they are in. But good stuff is out there!

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Most of the classes at Athena's have middle school level input, but don't require more than elementary level output. For lower high school level input, I would look at Online G3.

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