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Horizons math or Math Lessons for a Living Education?

Allison TX

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They are really different in their methodology. Just your child like alot of hands on or is workbooks ok?


I love Horizon a great deal. My daughter got a solid foundation using Horizon k,1 and part of 2. It is solid. I would have kept using it but I wanted a program for her with teaching dvds since I had two others on mom intensive math programs. I haven't used living math so I cannot speak to it aside from the glancing I did though the 2nd grade book. It felt kind of simplistic to me but as I said, didn't use it and didn't look throughly.

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Thank you both. 


He does like hands on. 


We are currently using Horizons 1 and it's just ok.  He sped through the K books, so we started 1st, but I'm afraid it will start to be too much too soon (as in too many problems/pages) I also keep feeling like I'm missing something since there is very little teaching help. 


I've read reviews of MLLE and it's supposed to have short lessons but with deeper explanation of concepts.  Does that seem accurate?


I looked at Beast Academy, and it looks like it will be a great fit, but I don't think he's ready for it this year.  I like the idea of combing MLLE and BA. 


Anyway, I'm just trying to decide if we should continue with Horizons or try something else.  Nothing is really wrong with what we're doing now, so maybe I'm being silly looking at other programs, but I keep thinking we need something with more depth.





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I've read reviews of MLLE and it's supposed to have short lessons but with deeper explanation of concepts. Does that seem accurate?

MLFLE does provide a thorough explanation. From the time MLFLE introduces the number 10 (in level 1) it explains place value thoroughly, that the number 23 is 2 groups of ten and 3 ones. MLFLE then takes that strong knowledge of place value and shows why we borrow and carry (starting in level 2, I believe). MLFLE has shown us the relationship between multiplication, division, and fractions (in level 3). I know, at first glance, people may think the pages look too simple, but I love how MLFLE teaches why we solve problems in a certain way and not just how we solve problems in a certain way.


ETA: The lessons are short but not to the point of being ineffective. There are hands on activities.

ETA2: Other concepts are being taught in those levels, not just place value, double digit addition/subtraction, multiplication.

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Thank you MyLife.  I'm glad to hear that MLLE is working for your mathy kids.


We did take the placement test, and he places between Level 1 and Level 2.  I went ahead and ordered both levels so I can look through them.  I have a feeling from the samples that Level 1 will be mostly review for him with the exception of hundreds place value.


I think I'll have a better feel for the program after I can look through a couple of levels.

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