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Writing program...

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Meaning handwriting. 


With my 9 year old, I used several programs. HWOT taught him manuscript. However I didn't like the cursive so I went to ZB. I have a 4 year old that is close to needing something. I think in the next 6 months or so. Should I go directly to ZB or should I do HWOT again and jump back? Should I do something else? I am not opposed to doing cursive first either. I just want to use ZB style of cursive as it is closest to what I believe my boys need. I did a TON of research and settled on that for a reason. 


I guess my big question is, did you like ZB for first starting writing?

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My k-teacher sister is of the opinion that if you're going to begin handwriting at age 4 or 5, almost all kids benefit from the HWOT approach. Now, since you've already done HWOT once, maybe you would do just fine with Z-B (or anything!) since you've got those tricks up your sleeves.

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I don't like ZB at all.  I prefer to teach letters in single strokes, not having the child remember where to place the stick or the ball.  I feel it leads more to letter reversal and confusion  And I prefer teaching something that segues into the next step for writing, cursive.  We chose D'nealian because of those two issues.  I used Montessori-style methods to teach initial letters:


-tracing a tactile letter while saying the sound.  Ours had raised arrows that were smooth if the child followed it in the right direction, a little pokey if not.

-using resistance to slow down the hand: chalk on a chalkboard and a spindle in sand

-moving to a stencil guide (we used School Rite products)

-finally, basic copywork in its own step by step way



I have yet to find a packaged curriculum that covers material in the same order, and has the things I want: grouping letters by strokes, isn't tied to reading lessons, and open ended in duration of each step.

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