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Doing it Again after 20 Years!

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Hello. I used Christian Classical Theory to home school my children starting in the late 80"s. Back then social services would come to my home at least 3 times every year because my children were kept out of pubic school. We also had no internet. Here I am, after raising and schooling 2 wonderful children, home schooling my 8 year-old granddaughter. My daughter passed away and I obtained custody.


 Home schooling was not the plan but I pulled her out of private school on October 9th. I just couldn't take it anymore. So for the past 2 weeks I have been figuring out what she needs, what she missed, and relaxing. My granddaughter is active in church, is taking piano, and is learning to ride horses, (English, Hunter/Jumper). She plays softball in the Spring every year. She has plenty of friends and family.  And yes, I already get the socialization questions from people. I tactlessly roll my eyes and ignore them. At this point in my life I am not even going to waste my energy on their ignorance. Go back to the herd little sheep and carry on with consuming.......


I work from home doing mass casualty and catastrophic injury medical case management supervision and teaching for a national company. I am very fortunate. I am trusting that this will fall into place.  I am textbook hunting. I am glad to have found these forums!!


Nice to Meet You!!





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HI Janine,


ElizabethB on this board has a website called the phonics page. She has grade level reading tests to check where her reading level is at. It's free download. She has a lot on her site if you wish to check it out.


My daughter is almost 5 even though I research a lot of curriculum and already know what I will do for her in elementary. I don't personally have experience with that age curriculum.

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