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If you moderate a FB group, I have a question for you

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Or others might be able to weigh in as well. 


I'm trying to lower my online profile, and I'm fiddling around with maybe switching my FB account to a new one with a different name to use only for a few FB groups I really value. That means I won't have any friends listed, no photos, etc. I've liked a bunch of pages that legitimately pertain to my interest and that I'd like to see in my feed, and I added a profile picture (not my face though). But I feel like I've read somewhere that without a FB account with some "cred," I won't get accepted back into the groups I enjoy because I'll look like a scam artist or troll. 


Is that true? What if I was just someone with my profile locked down tight for privacy reasons? Am I wasting my time with this whole thing? 


Thanks for sharing any insight you can offer. 

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Yes, I have a secret Facebook with no friends. I explained why when I asked to join the political groups I belong to. I think shrinking one's social media footprint is becoming more common.

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We don't let anyone in one if our groups that does not have a real profile. Usually we look for stuff like how old the account is, if they live locally, if they look like a parent, and if they are friends with someone in the group. If they don't have this we don't approve, or ask them for more info. But, this group is also an in person group, so you could explain to a moderator the situation. Not sure if that helps.

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