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I See Sam readers


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Where do I order these? I'm been reading a few threads about these. Do I need just the readers? Is there a placement test? My daughter would start at the beginnng but my son is a little trickier. He knows short and long vowels, vowel sets, consonant blends. He never wants to sit down and do a phonics lesson. He just wants to "read a story" as he says. Would these be for him?

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And www.3rsplus.com provides the books in ebook format for free. One of the original creators runs the site so there is a lot of good info there. There is a good Yahoo group too if you are interested.


And Yes, if your child just wants to read books this is the way to go. My daughter started I See Sam a bit over a year ago and is reading lots of books on her own now. It was easy.


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you can log onto this site http://readingteacher.com/level/Level%201 and have free access for 2 weeks. during that 2 weeks you can print out the whole 52 books. it takes a little bit of fiddling around to work out how to print them, but they are all able to be printer for free.

This is not the case anymore, you only can print the first 8 books now. But I signed up for a year because they have extra work pages that looked pretty cool. 

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Buying the Books:

The best place to order if you want printed copies of the book (my personal preference for new readers) is http://iseesam.com/  They are not the original publishers, but they are the only place still printing the books.   

You can also buy them "third party" on amazon, but they are shipped from the I See Sam company linked above.  (I just point that out in case you have an amazon gift card or something.)   


It is possible to print the books too as mentioned above.   You will have to decide if the ink/time spent binding the books is worth it to you.   :)    Keep in mind you can resell the books if you buy the actual printed copies.   They sell quite well.


SPEAKING of used copies for sale, you might try posting an "ISO" in the yahoo group and see if anyone has any used copies for sale:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Beginning-Reading-Instruction/info

(In fact, if you are planning to use these books, you should join that yahoo group.   One of the orignial researchers is still very active, and it is a wealth of information and help.   Also, many instructors who have used this book for years, and years, and years will help with placement and troubleshooting if you need help.)   


You can also get digital copies of the books too.   However, maybe I am old fashioned, but I much prefer having an actual bound book for the child to read from.    I feel like it is so much easier to underline letters if needed....to cover and isolate single sounds, etc. etc.   I also feel like comprehension is just better when reading from an actual book as opposed to a printed book.   I'm not sure if there is any research to back up what I am saying....probably not....this is just my gut feeling speaking as a mama.   :)


Placement Test:

There is a placement test.   Go to this website and click on "Performance Indicators" to download the pdf.



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