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Flylady support Control Journal step 10, Monday Oct 16...

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Good morning Flyminds! 


Welcome to the Flylady support thread. To find out what Flylady is: http://www.flylady.net/ You can also find people on YouTube if you search for it.


Please join in on the fun!


We have completed the baby steps found here: http://forums.welltr...nday-october-1/


Welcome to the Build a Control Journal series!


There are 15 steps to build a Control Journal. You may find that you need all 15 steps, you may find that you only need a few, you may find that you need something that is not listed here. The choice is yours and no one is going to grade you on this. So have fun and let’s get to it!


The steps:

  1. Get your supplies.
  2. Do a basic set up.
  3. Write down a bedtime routine
  4. Write down morning and afternoon routines
  5. Add Weekly home blessing hour
  6. Detailed cleaning lists
  7. Pantry list 
  8. Meal plan
  9. Daily routines

Step 10 - Create a master grocery list - http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/flying-lessons/control-journal/step-10/

Okay where is that deer in the headlights icon?? That is me with this one!

If you are like me, here are some that you can print out and later customize for you. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0f/65/6a/0f656a33df2a78e49c7af99786bc22ab.jpg


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We used to have a master grocery list organized by the order we walked through the various sections of the grocery store. It was so convenient! Then we started using online ordering and curbside pickup for groceries. Lately our schedule has been so unpredictable we've started doing our own shopping again. I need to find the master grocery list and update it.

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