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Common App question about a specific box


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My question is about this below:


"If the student has taken courses from a distance learning program, traditional secondary school, or institution of higher education, please list the course title and content, sponsoring institution, instruction setting and schedule, and frequency of interactions with instructors and fellow students (once per day, week, etc.). In addition, if the student has taken any standardized testing other than those listed on page 2 of the Common Application, please also describe below."


Would you include Pennsylvania Homeschoolers or Derek Owens classes in this or not? They're not "institutions" so I'm leaning towards no, but just wanted to double check with you experienced ladies! My son has also taken classes at our local high school and a college, so I provided the information for those. On the transcript, I indicate with acronyms which courses were taken at the high school, the college, PA Homeschoolers, and Derek Owens. So I don't know if it would look weird to not include them in this Common App box since I specifically marked them on the transcript as outside providers, even though there's a difference between actual schools and a course provider. Thoughts? Or should I not be marking the course providers on the transcript and just including them in the course descriptions?


Also, did you put PSAT and AP scores in this area?


DS is hoping we can get this all submitted yet tonight for an EA deadline!! AAghh!!

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I only indicated accredited, credit granting institutions as outside providers on the transcript--so Oak Meadow, the private high school my son attended for two semesters, and the CC--and I put the course descriptions for those classes in that box.  The descriptions for my home based courses I uploaded as a second transcript.  I considered Derek Owens to be a resource, like a textbook, rather than an outside provider.  We did not use PA Homeschoolers, so I'm not sure how they work. 


This is what I wrote about standardized testing:


Son took a standardized test each year he was homeschooled as specified by Washington state law.  In high school, he took the ITED in his freshman year, the PLAN in his sophomore year, the PSAT in his junior year, and the ACT in his senior year.


I did not list any standardized test scores anywhere in my application materials.  We sent official copies of his ACT score (he took it once) and his SAT physics test score.


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