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SAT Accommodations Request


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So we just received out supporting documentation for the request for accommodations. The problem being that today is the deadline.


Anyone know of a way to submit the request electronically?


Alternatively, will colleges accept more SAT scores from applicants after their application deadline? We can easily make the deadline for February testing but the targeted local uni has a mid January deadline.


Sigh. I want to kick myself for not hounding the evaluator to get this done sooner. It was just one too many balls in the air.

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If you already have the paper forms from the College Board all filled out, and you have all documentation in hand, I would call and ask if you can FedEx it today for delivery tomorrow or first thing Monday morning and have it considered as meeting the current deadline (since it would be "postmarked" by the deadline). As far as I know, the only mechanism they have for accepting documentation electronically is through the system that schools use. They wanted everything on paper for homeschoolers, which we FedExed.


Have you tried applying for ACT accommodations? They were much easier to work with, the turn-around time was MUCH faster (like 2 weeks or less) and I believe we sent everything electronically. You should be able to get approval for the December ACT if you submit now.

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