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Megawords TG necessary?

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I am thinking of using Megawords with my ds11. For those of you who have used it, is the teacher's guide necessary? 



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Yes. There are many exercises where the teacher reads something aloud and the student writes it, or divides it into syllables, or what have you. You definitely need the TM,

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Yes, an ondreeuh says, several of the exercises in each unit have the teacher dictate a list of specific syllables to the student. The teacher guide also contains all the answers to all of the exercises, which makes grading a snap.


On the other hand, I discovered you *can* manage without it if you have to. The first year we used Megawords, I somehow forgot I had the teacher guide, and when we came to those exercises requiring me to dictate the list of syllables, in advance of dictating the syllables, I had to take about 10 minutes for each exercise to go back and figure out exactly which syllables were going to be needed. Grading also took more time. About 2 months into the school year, I stumbled over the teacher guide and it was amazing how much less time Spelling took from me.  :rolleyes:


So it *can* be done with the teacher guide -- it just ends up taking more time and energy. 


You might also look around and see if anyone is selling the teacher guides used for your edition at a cheaper price than new. I gave mine away to my homeschool group to help out others.

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