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Digital alternative of Memory Work Card Box?

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We've been been doing memory work for a few weeks now and are loving it... The only thing I'm not loving is the box of cards... They get wet or they get lost.


I'm musing about making it digital somehow, the only thing I can think of using is PowerPoint.


While I think powerpoint could get the job done I'm curious if anyone else went digital, what did they use, and how did it go. I fear that as annoying as the cards are there is something nice about being able to physically hold them   

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Anki is worth figuring out. Once you have it set up it is easy to use. You no longer have to keep track of how far you are through the deck, which way you were going, who has mastered what, etc. All of you will have individual decks taking your specific progress. It can be synched from your computer to your phone and their Kindles, or whatever.


If you can handle Power Point, you can figure this program out.

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Yes to the above. At first, I was like, "Seriously? Why does everyone love this? It's confusing and the interface is SO not impressive." Once I got it kind of figured out, I fell in love. (I say kinda, because I'm soooo not using it as well as I probably could.) I have hundreds of flashcards on it now (thanks dyslexia  :glare: )


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