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Biology lab supplies

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Where is a good place to purchase individual biology lab supplies for one student? I am looking for things like microscopy stains, not dissection kits. We are focusing on cell biology and microbiology and will do anatomy later in a separate course. I have equipment from a friend but need the consumables. I am hoping not to buy a big, expensive kit but to buy my supplies individually.

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I comparison shop between Home Science Tools and Amazon. If you are just buying for one student, HST is usually better because, even if it is more expensive per unit volume, you only need a small amount. I think Amazon's prices fluctuate more, and at times I've found media and petri plates fairly inexpensively. And, sometimes it's less expensive to buy a kit than to buy the individual reagents - it depends on what you need. I think that for Gram staining I bought the kit, for instance, but for macromolecule testing, I bought the individual reagents that I needed instead of the food testing kit. But, students doing it at home who didn't have tubes, droppers, etc, might be better off buying the kit.

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