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Hi all,


I was hoping to get some advice on a great spelling curriculum for my first grader. Here is my challenge: he is an advanced reader (7th grade level) but I would say an average speller. We have the all about spelling curriculum from my oldest son but I really feel like he doesn't need that much extra support. If we could make spelling more of an open and go program that would be great. Any recommendations?


Thanks in advance!

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We went through a speller and AAS before deciding against a separate spelling program for my 7yo.  He gets spelling two ways:


Copywork - every day he copies a passage to get himself comfortable with writing.


Dictation Day By Day - This starts with a second grade book and a simple sentence: See my doll.  Since he had done plenty of copywork the introduction of writing a sentence on his own was not difficult.  The program gently adds new words and continually spirals through previous ones.  After a full year he has done as much as a traditional spelling program but always in context so it's not isolated.


We switched this year to ELTL which uses prepared dictation, instead of cold.  He wasn't happy and requested a switch back to Dictation DBD.  I think we'll continue it for at least another year, and if we ever find it necessary we'll switch to Spelling Power.

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Here is how I have used AAS for my advanced reader:

I have a notebook page where I write down any spelling word he misses.

On day 1, I go over the phonics rule and review old phonics rules. I dictate half of the spelling list, half of the extra words, and some review words until I reach the number of words I think he should write for the day. Then I dictate some sentences (the number increased as handwriting stamina increased.

on day 2, I review the current phonics rule and sound cards. I dictate the other half of the spelling list, other half of the extra words, writing station list, and some review words until I reach the "right" number of words. Then I dictate some more sentences, then he had to write 1-3 sentences for writing station. Each writing station sentence must use at least 2 spelling words and he got a sticker for every spelling word beyond 2.

He advanced quickly through the first 5 levels. For 3rd grade, we are trying Spelling Workout because it is more independent. AAS seemed to stick better.

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