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What Would You Expect to Pay...

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...for a one-on-one language course?


My sister is considering taking over German 2 for me.  (She has Masters in German and taught at the college level.).  


Would involve coming up with weekly assignments and 1-2 hours of live Skyping a week.


What would you pay for that if it weren't a family member?  And what would you pay if it WERE?  



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Homeschool Spanish academy recommends two lessons per week for a total of 60 lessons for one high school credit. Lessons are an hour. 50 minutes of that hour is lesson time, and the other 10 is for the teacher to make notes after the student logs off. If you buy 60 lessons at once the total is about $560, about nine dollars per class. There is nothing else to buy; they provide all curriculum for you. If you purchase lessons in smaller increments, like 15 or 30 at a time, the price per class is a bit higher.

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We paid $30 for an hour with our foreign language tutor. We are in a low COL area. He would have charged $20 for a single student.

I would expect rates to be significantly higher in a city. $50 sounds reasonable.


In our family, money would not exchange hands. If a family member wanted to do this, they would do so as a kindness and not accept payment.

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I'd ask her want she wants.  I'd expect $30-$50 an hour for a non-relative depending on area and COL.  Anything less than that would be like a gift.


If she didn't want any money, I would give her a significant gift at the end of the semester if I could afford it.  Like $100+ gift card. 

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Ask her. FWIW, I live in an area with a large number of foreign language tutors, and the going rate is $25-30 per hour for educated native speakers with foreign language teaching experience.


She may not want payment, in which case give her a large gift card at the end of the course along with a thank you note from your dd, written in German, of course.

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