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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!



-oldest off to school

-straighten up

-school with youngest

-painter to house for estimate


-laundry  DONE:  0

-workout (Tabata that will kick my butt)

-dinner (pork tenderloin)

-"parenting seminar" at oldest's school that they are really pushing everyone to attend that I don't want to attend

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Good morning!


Woke up feeling anxious and reading the news is making it worse...



•get my calendar up-to-date with kids' activities

•which reminds me I should order a new calendar

•water plants

•make vet appt.

•rinse out boilers for hay steamer that have been soaking overnight

•check my to-do pile in my office


•order horse treats and blocker tie rings for new hitching posts

•dinner: homemade pizza

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Good morning! It is pouring rain and cold. Good thing the bubble over the pool has finally gone up! Busy, busy day here.


To do:

ds3 had tennis this morning (he was the only one to sign up for morning sessions, so the coach cancelled them. Now we have to figure out a new way to do two sports with overlapping practice times)

school with boys

daily chores


college apps with ds2

dd2 to pt during off period (pick up lunch)

ds3 to guitar (dh picks him up)

dd2 back to school

home for a little

pick up dd2/practice #1/aikido

ds1/practice #2

aikido pick up


Have a great day!




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breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats

went back to bed

up and had breakfast

started school

started a load of laundry  It is done and put away.

dinner in the crockpot


To Do:

school with ds    done except for studying on his own for 2 tests tomorrow and finalize what to do on an art project

take ds to ortho appointment

tidy house

look over tutoring lessons for this week

take ds to swim

walk while there if I feel like it (my nose is really stuffy from being out in the wind yesterday at church helping with a kids church thing)


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Up doing laundry until 2am.

Got the kids off to school.

Took a nap.

Supposed to be working.

Make tire appointment already.

Make chiro appointments.

Pay some bills.

Kids' homework.

Kids to gymnastics.  Walk while they play.

Kids to bed - finish that boring read-aloud!


Whatever I'm forgetting.

I need to compile my personal tax info and do my friends' tax return pretty soon.  Should do as much as possible on that today.

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Mine isn't realistic but I can't see that until I write it down:



sweep floor

houseplant care

check independent work




Music history

Math lesson (if time permits)

fix ex-husband's computer


tighten ds' cornrows (if time permits)

save the world from imminent class warfare, ecological disasters, random meteors, alien invasions, zombie apocalypses, and other stupid stuff I don't have the power to change and only feel guilty about not fixing because of childhood trauma anyway so bla bla blah everybody's got problems

change sheets


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I have a fairly (dare I say it) easy Monday:


Talk to insurance adjuster

Get some work related things done from home

Academic reading

Enjoy October which relieved us of that monstrous heat we had all summer

Have a piece of apple pie :)

Gas up car and run an errand

Plan dinner

Evening Group facilitation


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Ds17 and I took the puppies to the vet for their latest round of shots. Once again, one of them got carsick and did something yucky in the back seat. Sigh. I need to get an SUV that can be sprayed out with a firehose. 


Still working away at today's to-do list.


Dh and ds18 are at a work meeting so dinner will be late tonight.

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human care done

pet care done

medical care done including filling pill boxes and ordering prescription refills

called re. dd's lab results

school done including starting Literature today since we finished up last year's grammar on Friday.

grocery shopped

got paper we needed

cooking dinner - rice, ground turkey and baked butternut squash with apples and dried cranberries  (which was sparked by a recipe on the butternut squash thread.)



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I have excellent taste in ex-husbands: the computer will be fixed tomorrow. I wish I could say the same about the ultimate fate of the human race, lol.


Kid aced his math test and no houseplants died anyway.

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