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Struggling 11th Grade Writer

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I need help in finding a curriculum for my sixteen year old who struggles with writing.  She was in TPS writing classes for Junior high, but was overwhelmed with the expectations.  I enrolled her in an online school for 9th and 10th grade for language arts, but the writing aspect seems to be weak, and with her already weak skills, it was not a good combination for improvement.


She enjoys writing, but her sentence structure is awful, and very awkward.  She struggles with getting information that is in her brain into sentences on paper.  She doesn't struggle so much with the structure of writing, but with how to word things. She did great with writing until about 6th grade, when everything became more abstract, and the student was assumed to be able to make connections between things.  She may have a learning disability. We had her tested a year ago and they told us maybe a slight one...but I disagree.


We live overseas, so there is no option to go perusing writing curriculums, and even with a free-return policy, the shipping cost does not make it not worth it.


We only have two years left before college, where knowing how to write a paper is obviously necessary, so we need something that will work. 


She struggles with most of her subjects, and the time it takes her to complete her work is much longer than the average.  So anything that is time-consuming already will be met with her feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.  A currciulum that is explained simply and implemented easily with small steps is a big plus.


Thank you for any and all advice!


Here is an example of her writing from last year (this is after quite a bit of help from me to make some of her sentences readable): 


First, evil in man’s heart can be shown through bullying. The first incident to show this in the book, Lord of the Flies, is when many of the younger boys are playing near the water, building sand castles. They were built with flowers and interesting stones. The boys also added tracks, walls, railway lines, that you could only see if you were on the beach. Then Roger and Maurice, a couple of the older and meaner boys, came to the beach. As they walked to the water, they walked purposefully right on top of the sandcastles and creations the younger boys had made. One of the younger boys, Percival, was the only one who cried because he got sand in his eyes. Maurice was the only one who felt a little worried about what he and Roger did. This shows that Roger and Maurice were in the wrong for destroying the younger boy’s castles while they should have been nice to them. 

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My ds has always struggled with writing and he took his first BW writing class this year for his college application essay. He and I both really liked the approach and I wish we'd tried these classes sooner. There was lots of positive encouragement and feedback. There was constructive criticism, but it didn't feel like criticism. If he had time in his schedule, I'd sign him up for another one of their classes.

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