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Great Gift Ideas... (Maybe Christmas related)


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Our baby is due at the end of November. I want to have Christmas shopping finished before she arrives. Help! What are you thinking about getting your family for Christmas? How old are they? Anything they really want or are currently enjoying? Any great games that your family discovered this year?

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There was a recent thread about great gift ideas and someone posted about the Toroflux https://smile.amazon.com/Toroflux-Original-Kinetic-Spring-Toy/dp/B00A8PS25W/ref=pd_sim_21_5?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00A8PS25W&pd_rd_r=Q5BJJSJYBCK3QD5V3BXB&pd_rd_w=UTCtS&pd_rd_wg=zTECC&psc=1&refRID=Q5BJJSJYBCK3QD5V3BXB


I bought one for my 13yo dd's birthday and it was a hit! Everyone in the family wanted to play with it - the adults included! I also bought a different brand  - Galactic Globe - and it worked almost as smoothly as the Toroflux. 


Hope you get more ideas! I always try to finish my Christmas shopping early and have never managed to do it. Good luck!!

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We have only teens now (a few years older than yours), so I purchase from the kids' wish lists, and use Amazon PRIME (and a fairly set budget per child).  I fill in with food treats, that they also list. 

I have no problem giving some cash, in a creative way = folding crisp bills into origami, or putting the bills into an asked-for book like a bookmark. 


Also, for the grandparents, I would consider some kind of photo gifts which you can order online (Shutterfly, Walgreens, etc).

You can join PRIME for just one month, to simplify the shopping effort. 


I get daily emails from OrganizedChristmas.com to keep up on the tasks . . . but mainly it's a reminder to me to stream-line & lower my expectations. :) 

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My kids are each getting a pair of slippers (I'll make them).


The oldest has a space issue so we've decided on wireless headphones, a book, and a body pillow, plus some clothes.  We'll also probably throw a game like Cards Against Humanity in there.  His big gift is a plane ticket. LOL  The cost of it eats Christmas.


The 7yo is getting:

the third HP illustrated book

a spy kit (hollow coin, motion sensor, invisible ink pen, hollow book, and Spyology or other spy book)

a baking kit (I'll make him an apron to go with a set of rainbow bowls, spatula, and he's being given a space in the kitchen)

Perfection (the game)


I'll send gifts down to my niece/nephew - the ones I bought last year (oops!) and just found, and something for this year to spark their interest.  My niece is very into creative art while my nephew leans toward music.  Both will get slippers, too, along with candy stuffing.

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I'm getting tired of clutter and we have a couple birthdays around Christmas so I'm thinking of doing something for all my kids. A microscope or telescope are what I'm thinking of although I'm afraid a telescope will be more than I wish to spend.

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