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We are a no TV house. My parents lives revolve around TV. My parents pay a mint for all the channels and the ability to record multiple shows at once and yet my father just texted insisting on dropping DS off 3 hours early because my mom is not feeling well and unable to drive him at the appointed time and he has a football game to watch. That he could record.


At first he was trying to give BS reasons for dropping him off early such as they have no clue where to take him (they were going to take him to practice) and ignoring the simple fact that my son knows where he is going and they all have GPS and the address.


My father has NOTHING else going on that would prevent him from watching the game after dropping my son off. He is literally saying that stupid gane is more important that spending time with his only grandchild.

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I'm so sorry. My fil hadn't seen his only college-aged grandson since Christmas when we went down to visit a couple of weeks ago. After spending two and a half hours with us, he left to go drive 45 minutes to watch some kid he does not know play in a high school football game. It's hurtful. And, what hurts more is my false hope that he will somehow change is dashed over and over again.


It's been easier since Ds has gotten older. When he was younger I tried to protect Ds more from fil's @sshattery. He would turn down offers to play a game with Ds so he could watch TV. He refused to go to the zoo because it "smelled." When Ds would come to me with tears in his eyes and ask, "Why doesn't grandpa like me? Why doesn't he want to play with me?" I would make up lame excuses for his selfishness so as not to paint him in a negative light. Ds now sees fil for the selfish person he is.


It's hard not to think, "Surely s/he will be better/different with the grandchildren." But, then they aren't.

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