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Great courses DVDs.....selling question

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I have 2 sets of history great courses DVDs that are brand new.  (the packaging has been removed, but like only one DVD out of one of the sets has been watched) and I want to sell them.  I am not so naive to not know that the company puts these things on sale all of the time....so I am trying to set a price for these....can anybody here give me some thoughts as to what would be reasonable?  I don't want to just give them away...I did buy them...but again, I am not trying to be unfair either.





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I've got a bunch new of STEM ones in the package still that no one is buying either. I think since they went to streaming, the demand is gone for DVDs.

A few I've sold for $40-50, sets that on sale ran around $100.

But most have not sold, here, locally, or on resale groups, including homeschool classifieds.


I may wind up donating them to our library.


Good luck!

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