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Ok, based on recent posts...we need a mid winter giggle....my fortune cookie said

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Tonight's dinner was Chinese take-out. Ya' know how fortune cookies have declined of late to really just be nice platitudes and proverbs....not to mention your lucky numbers? Well, mine tonight was every homeschooling mother's dream...


"You have an inexhaustible supply of wisdom and power."


as my 16 year old ds would say "Mwah - ha -ha -ha" ....I may just go buy a lottery ticket with those numbers...after I dig it out of the trash! Or maybe I should just go get a Capital One card with War Kittens on it!:eek:


Go ahead...smile:D you know you need it!

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Hee hee hee!


We went out for a Chinese New Year celebration last weekend, and DH's cookie said that there were many celebrations coming up for him, to which he had to say "well I certainly hope so!"... because his birthday is THIS weekend.


I obeyed the fortune cookie. We're having a party. :p


Hey, mine said I was patient! It could be true! LOL

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